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Brad & Mandy Mitchell

Capturing memories and creating the perfect image is what we are all about. What started out as a dream to bring to focus the world through our lens has developed into Mitchell Squared Photography. We are husband and wife, partners both creatively and in life and we can not wait to capture even the smallest frame of your journey.

  • The first time I tried focus stacking was at the Great Sand Dunes and ever since then I have wanted to do more of it. 
I wanted to fill the entire frame with these gorgeous roses and still have as much in focus as possible. Zoom in to see the water droplets detail. 
This image is 10 photos shot at f/8 then blended together for a greater depth of field and clarity. "Rose Red"
  • Flashback Friday. "A Walk Amongst the Clouds"

March 18 2016, 
Roan Mountain, TN
  • "Eternal Ember"

This has been one of my favorite shots since I took it back in 2013. The way the walls seem to reach out and the warm light welcoming you in is just gorgeous! Up until now I have struggled with the post processing, so over the past week I have been tweaking it, really dialing in those beautiful colors and textures. I would process for a bit, get it to where I thought I wanted it then come back to it in a day or so with fresh eyes. I can now say that am most pleasured with this final shot.
  • Current view. 
Not s bad view. 
#lakehouse #realestatephotogrsaphy
  • This shot has been sitting on my desktop for almost a month now. I keep going back and forth on it. It is not the strongest composition because of the heavier amount of water on the right but I really like the light shining on the water and the beautiful green moss. What do you think?
  • Hanging out downtown, getting ready for a shoot. 📷
  • I LOVED photographing this beautiful house!
It felt great to be able to take my time and not only capture these beautiful spaces but showcase the details as well.
  • Just another day in the life of a Seattle, Ga real estate photographer.