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Brad & Mandy Mitchell

Capturing memories and creating the perfect image is what we are all about. What started out as a dream to bring to focus the world through our lens has developed into Mitchell Squared Photography. We are husband and wife, partners both creatively and in life and we can not wait to capture even the smallest frame of your journey.

  • Throwback Thursday.
February, 2016 "The Passage Temple"
  • From our family to yours...
  • Mandy and I had a great time photographing Adam and Kayla’s wedding. This image in particular was a lot of fun to shoot and process. With the help of about 4 other people we were able to capture this beautiful couple in this beautiful setting.
  • Lazy Sunday on the porch with the Toe Beans.
  • Visiting Grandpa on his farm.
  • This was was fun to work on. 
Glad I quickly grabbed my camera to get a shot of this cutie smiling.
  • We have these old built in speaker boxes in our living room that we do not use so we repurposed them into photo frames. 
There is just enough room between the wood and speaker to slide the photo in. Worked perfect!

Photos - Warp and 41st
  • A bit more fall color. 
I love this beautiful scene is only about 30 feet off the main road.