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Brad & Mandy Mitchell

Capturing memories and creating the perfect image is what we are all about. What started out as a dream to bring to focus the world through our lens has developed into Mitchell Squared Photography. We are husband and wife, partners both creatively and in life and we can not wait to capture even the smallest frame of your journey.

  • I've wanted this shot for a couple of years now. It is literally 5 mins from my house and just off the major road. I have driven by it many of times and today, the light and colors were perfect. This lone red tree stood out from the crowd and proved to be a great focal point.
  • “The Narrows”
  • I am going to have to start using a wider lens soon to fit all of him in the photo. He has gained 2 pounds in 2 days. I have to pick him up with 2 hands and he is up to about 4 cups of food a day at 11 weeks old.  #wehaveahorse #tobinmitchell
  • #tobinmitchell
  • Missing those white sand beaches and turquoise water...
From day trip island hoping in the British Virgin Islands.
This was on Sandy Spit, a truly deserted island. Only about half an acre big and only a couple of tiny trees, it really is what I pictured when I thought deserted island in paradise.
  • BATH TIME!! #tobinmitchell
  • GORGEOUS sunset tonight!
  • Prizma Puppy.