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Brad & Mandy Mitchell

Capturing memories and creating the perfect image is what we are all about. What started out as a dream to bring to focus the world through our lens has developed into Mitchell Squared Photography. We are husband and wife, partners both creatively and in life and we can not wait to capture even the smallest frame of your journey.

  • New graphic just installed on the ºlllllllº
#ShinyandChrome #MadMax #FuryRoad
  • What an awesome morning! That’s a wrap o. 3 very successful shoots! 📸
  • I really didn't like my avatar so...
  • Before and After.
My goal was to make look cinematic, like in a commercial or magazine add. ºlllllllº
#jeep #jeepcompass
  • Took the Jeep up to Cheeha Mountain today. Did a little off roading and couldn’t help capturing a shot. I love how at 200mm it brings the mountains right up as if the Jeep is right up against them. 
#Jeep #jeepcompass
  • Tacos with the kiddos!
  • #Jeep #JeepCompass #Trailhawk
  • Bought the kids a new chariot. 
We can now fit both horse dogs in the same car comfortably. 
#JeepCompass #Trailhawk #4x4