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Brad & Mandy Mitchell

Capturing memories and creating the perfect image is what we are all about. What started out as a dream to bring to focus the world through our lens has developed into Mitchell Squared Photography. We are husband and wife, partners both creatively and in life and we can not wait to capture even the smallest frame of your journey.

  • Wrapping up Gabi's Christmas shoot this week.
These photos have been a lot of fun to work on!
  • “Regency” 
As I was on my way back to the car from an afternoon of much need architecture photography, this pattern of lines caught my eye. It is scenes and structures such as this that really draw me in.
  • "Concrete Geometric"

This is a great example why I always make it a point to look up! When photographing in downtown Atlanta, if I had not looked up as I passed through the entrance of one of the Americas Mart buildings I would have missed this interesting and beautiful piece of architecture.
  • We I had a blast capturing Camryn and Jocelyn. Here are few of our favorites. Even though there shoot was at the very popular Roswell Mill we tried to do it a bit different, like using a longer exposure of the waterfall to bring more attention to the girls. Thank you to you both for hamming it up and making our jobs that much easier!
  • Mandy and I had a great time chasing this little lady around this afternoon!
  • Earlier were getting ready for a photo shoot today, testing lights etc... and we needed a model. Ash was happy to help!
  • "Crayola"
  • Ta-Da!!, presenting... The 2018 Mitchell Family Christmas tree!